February 20, 2024

New Video: Ron Cortez – No One Left | @CaliKidd760

New Video: Ron Cortez – No One Left

Ron Cortez was born LaRon Clifford Curtis Jr to Rashonda Dorsey and LaRon Curtis on March 15,1993 in Palm Springs, California. He later moved to Houston, TX where he fell in love with rap instantly. His mother didn’t like the fact that he was into music; she wanted him to focus on his studies. Tragedy struck Ron C when he was 10 losing his grandmother to cancer. From then on he was always into trouble. Growing up without a father he started getting into fights, and hanging out with the wrong crowd but maintained his grades as a cover up to his mom. In middle school he use to rap every morning at the breakfast table and battle people for lunch money, all the ladies loved him and he was very popular throughout his teenage years. Getting into trouble he had to change schools where he had no friends and had to start over. Fresh start, new beginnings.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9yb0dwRWFs]

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