February 20, 2024

[NEW] “Toxic Fool” – Dante Ryan @TheDanteRyan @drewbanga @steezyassbakary @charlesnutrivore @ohenrymusic @clayxavier

As promised, California crooner Dante Ryan releases his new project “Toxic Fool”. Five tracks both bless and tease Ryan’s fan base who cannot get enough of his addictive rhythm and blues groove. Ryan’s personality precisely captured within the artwork by Clay Xavier on the cover hints at his flourishing. Clearly with hypnotizing singles produced by Bakary Burner, Charles NutrivoreOHENRY, and Drew Banga, like “Just For The Night”,  and “Lift Off” Dante Ryan is a rising star. “Toxic Fool” the projects lead ties in keynote features from the legendary Apex, David Marcus, along with perfectly executed production from CJ Knowles. Writing original rhymes, memorable hooks, and a strong voice continue to elevate Dante Ryan and humbly affirm his midnight train is composed for diamond tracks. To listen and provide feedback, follow Dante Ryan on Twitter now.

Download “Toxic Fool” & Subscribe here: www.thedanteryan.com

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