February 23, 2024

New Video: Heard They – King Marlo And Sip Marcel | @sip.marcel @king.marlo

New Video: Heard They – King Marlo And Sip Marcel

Bio: Sip Marcel and King Marlo from New Wave Legends. New EP called March 12. New Wave Legends is a group of collectives including rappers, producers, photographers, and artists. Sip Marcel and King Marlo are creating a new wave using sounds, feelings, and interpretations that are ever changing and powerful , like water.
March 12: The EP , from King Marlo x Sip Marcel is the debut EP from these New Wave Legends artists. March 12th features these artists coming strong on every track. Using a mix of slow and faster tempos, the New Wave Legends have created their own interpretations using their own beats and original lyrics. With #LocalsOnly, #Finesse, and #Premium being some of their brand statements, the New Wave embodies that on March 12th: The EP. Definitely two artists to watch.
Instagram: @sip.marcel , @king.marlo

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC66FvrhCvQ]

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