Lil Ray Of Nex2kin Speaks On Linking Up With Paris Beuller And Fresh Money Movement | @Nex2kin

Lil Ray Of Nex2kin Speaks On Linking Up With Paris Beuller And Fresh Money Movement

You know the name, they crave the sound, and his buzz should not take anyone by storm. In just 5 short years Lil Ray of Nex2kin have established himself as a hip-hop artist worth listening to. Just check out the list of multiplatinum ground breaking R&B and Hip-hop giants he has already worked with. From August Alsina, Travis Porter, Juicy J, B.O.B, Big Krit, and others Lil Ray has shown his prominence in the art of collaboration. In 2016 his smash single “Shake That” was named Sound Cloud and The Internet Radio number #1 hit. His 15k twitter followers and 13.4k more on Instagram, display the loyalty Lil Ray have for his fans and hip-hop listeners around the globe.

Firing heat seeking lyrics from the shoot first streets of Chicago Lil Ray cannot help but to take the grit and survival skills learned on the streets and infuse them into his music. This brilliance was on full display in the savage street anthem “I Aint With It” as he ignites the listener with his lucid lyrics and unite the streets with his concern for real life issues. In the single “Game Over” he takes the listener on a ride that signifies his growth, his ability to remain consistent, and demonstrates his range. Lil Ray is part of a movement that is growing into a way of life that simply cannot be ignored. Lil Ray’s lyrics, is the liquid in the sauce hip-hop has been missing. We will continue to follow Lil Ray as he continues to push the envelope while living in Chicago and performing in arenas throughout the US. Find his music at SoundCloud/lilrayofNex2kin.


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