February 21, 2024

New Music: 5star G.Wiz – U Good Featuring Killa Cam |

New Music: 5star G.Wiz – U Good Featuring Killa Cam

5star G.Wiz Does it again He’s BACK with another Banger, The smash hit single “U Good” Ft. Killa Cam off 5star G.Wiz new Album “In lawless we trust” this track is a definite must Hear song for everyone everywhere, I mean the hook itself alone! is already stuck in my head singing along to…. “U good?.. U striaight?..” This is the kind of style and song The city of Houston Tx. Is known for, but Hasn’t been able to produce in a LONG WHILE, the self explanatory title track “U good” has a deeply rooted Houston slang and Lingo Vibe to it with a radio friendly beat produced By Houstons’ own JT the Barber so this track is A Guarantee to Bang. So All I have left to say is that Houston, we have a problem, and his name is 5star G.Wiz aka Lawless.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiL7npa63zk]

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