Fly Ty Talks Rockboy G’z and Rockboy Records With MJ |@realrockboygz

Fly Ty of Rockboy G’z took some time out the studio to chop it with MJ.  Fly Ty is a member of the Hip Hop group from Brooklyn Rockboy G’z, and if you are a fan of that hard NY rap from the heart, you will instantly be drawn to the sounds and lyrics of Rockboy G’z!  Fly Ty and Rockboy G’z bring that NY style all across the globe that is shockingly embraced in the most southern of states like Texas.  You can catch RockBoy G’z rocking out on stages from SOB’s to SXSW and can hear their music on FM radio! Tune in to hear more from Fly Ty about Rockboy G’z, music, albums, upcoming projects, and fans!



“Cash Rules” Single

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