Lilly Whyte Offering Fabulous Southern Hip Hop on Gutta, Glitz and Glamour | @LillyWhyteRAW

Lilly Whyte Offering Fabulous Southern Hip Hop on Gutta, Glitz and Glamour

Lilly Whyte has announced her new album entitled Gutta, Glitz and Glamour and is also releasing her first new single off of the album.

The new single is called Don’t Try Me and it is truly reflective of the sound Whyte is going for. Her sound has a mix of “hood” and “ghetto fabulous” going together for one of the most exciting new styles around. The strong sense of rhythm and tone that she has in her rap style are especially on display in her work. This makes her out as one of the top names in hip hop to watch for.

The work that Lilly has put into her new album is reflective of the strong effort she has put into music throughout much of her life. Whyte has been heavily involved in music and dance throughout her early years in the Carolinas. She has enjoyed performing for many and has been heralded by her instructors as one of the best students they have come across. They admire her ability to handle the right notes and to use all her great skills in performing.

Whyte is inspired by many forms of music but she has especially gravitated towards hip hop and R&B most of all. Boosie Badazz and Lil Wayne are cited as being major influences to her work and performance style.

Today Whyte is promoting Gutta, Glitz and Glamour with RAW Entertainment. Short for Really About Winning, RAW is aiming to promote Whyte and other young southern hip hop stars who have a strong flair for rhymes and beats.

But the most noteworthy point about Whyte’s work is that she certainly understands the power of music in her work. To her, music is about more than just a song. It is about something that people can get lost inside and can enjoy sharing and having fun with. She is excited to bring out her music to people all around the country.

Gutta, Glitz and Glamour will be available on all platforms in spring 2018.


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