Video: NO1 Noah – Stuck On Stupid

NO1 Noah is rising act to know, even if the singer/songwriter and producer is keeping his identity under wraps to the general public. His recent single “Stuck on Stupid” has picked up steam on streaming sites, with the SoundCloud version clocking in at over a million plays and counting.

The song tells a love story mixed with heartbreak, and his new video follows that same narrative. In one moment he’s making plans to spend the rest of his life with his girl (“I’m not the type to but I think I gotta wife her/Nobody like her, it’s perfect timing”); the next he’s pouring his heart out over the pain she causes him (“You got me hating Cupid/You’ll probably make me lose it/My friends would not approve this”).

“Using colors was a strategic way of perfectly describing and heightening the emotions that are channeled in my music, that was my main goal and reasoning behind why the video looks the way it does,” NO1 Noah told Complex. “It’s more about a vibe and my music being felt than it is an actual music video.”

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