Juice Ceasar

Juice Ceaser – Maintain

Juice Ceasar, native of New Orleans and brother of hip-hop duo “The Knux”, began his journey in the entertainment industry as a tour manager for various music artists. Although pressured early on to showcase his performance skills as a rapper and songwriter, Juice decided to submerge himself in the background. Having spent many years travelling the world and learning the financial, legal and logistic aspects of music, Juice felt an underlying desire to return to his passion—rapping. Amid encouragement from his dynamic network, Juice is venturing into his solo hip-hop career.

His music mixes the undeniably engaging and smooth sound of New Orleans with upbeat energy and contemporary beats. His raw and catchy melodies draw listeners into his artistic manifestations unheard in the current hip-hop industry. As Juice Ceasar continues to pursue his passion to be a leader in the hip-hop industry, music lovers are certain to welcome him with open arms.

The Louisiana mainstay proudly presents his Dope Media visual for “Maintain” in which he speaks about finessing the game and staying on top of his business. Check the Bravestarr produced track down below.

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