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Reedus 3M – Dirty

Reedus 3M is a Nigerian-American rapper, producer and clothing brand owner (abscond u.s.a) based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Reedus 3M grew up listening to a large spectrum of black musicians his parents would play him from Fela Kuti, Otis Redding, Anita Baker, Michael Jackson and Sade to Lauryn Hill, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z and Ma$e. Reedus 3M started making music for fun in his early years of high school which made him realize his love for rapping and later on production of music. When Reedus went to college he decided to take his music making more seriously and released his first 4-track project entitled “Those Who Wait” in 2015. During this time while at school in NH, Reedus would could home as much as he could to learn more about the local Boston hip hop scene figure out the best way to become a part of it.

In 2016, Reedus 3M released a 5-track project titled the “Yung Qali” EP with the stand out single ” New Phone Who Dis” produced by K-Swisha. It was also around this time when Reedus 3M started to get better with his own production and began to prepare his raps for songs that would also feature his production. In 2017 Reedus released 2 singles “Lost” and “Empathetic Victories” two tracks that go deep in to the experiences that Reedus faced himself in the prior year and some of the current events like police brutality and Islamophobia.

Reedus now emerges on the music scene with a dark single dubbed “Dirty”. This is what the Beantown native had to say about the release:

“The song is about me and my journey through the music industry and my life in general reflecting on people that did me dirty in the past and letting them know that I will overcome the obstacles in my way to get where I want to be. The track is for anyone that has felt like they have been treated unfairly in anything that they were trying to do for themselves and decided that they weren’t going to complain about the situation that they found themselves in. This is for people that rather work harder and overcome the trials and tribulations in front of them.”

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