Shade Apollo

Shade Apollo Ft Adot & Drayco McCoy – Ovanight

Shade Apollo is a promising young artist from the small town of Stanwood, WA who currently resides in Marysville, WA, about an hour north of Seattle. He started releasing music just under a year ago, showing noticeable improvements and a fantastic display of versatility with each and every track. His new song, “Ovanight”, features Adot and Drayco McCoy.

In the words of Shade Apollo: “The idea of this track in particular was basically me just daydreaming about waking up in the morning and suddenly everyone knows my name. Like if I put out a song, before going to sleep, and woke up to millions of plays and shit. The idea of that is crazy to me and this song is basically just me addressing it as a legit possibility since deep down, I know I have the talent and drive necessary to make that sort of thing happen.”

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Having already worked with the likes of Chester Watson, Adot, and Drayco McCoy, he looks to continue the trend of working with well-established artists, stating that “If I like someone’s music enough to work with them, chances are you’re gonna see them on one of my tracks somewhere down the line. I try not to limit myself in regards to who I get to work with and who I think might be a good fit for a specific track and I’m very grateful to have already gotten the opportunity to work with some of my favorite artists. There’s definitely some more really big features to come so stay tuned!”

Shade Apollo plans to release his debut project, “Roller Coaster to the Moon” sometime this summer. A project that according to him, has been many years in the making.

“I started making music in like 2015 as a group I formed with two really good friends of mine. We were gonna release a collaborative project called “Aim Lunar” but we kind of had a falling out so that didn’t really work out. It was weird going from barely being able to write a full verse to then having to make full-ass songs by yourself but once I got the hang of it, that’s when I really started to take this music shit seriously. I made the decision to keep the whole ‘shoot for the moon’ concept alive but wanted to change the title to ‘Roller Coaster to the Moon’ since the project, as a whole, sort of chronicles my journey from the point that I went Han Solo (sic) with this shit, up to the hypothetical scenario where the many ups and downs I’ve experienced along the way ends with me really making a name for myself in this music shit. Basically a metaphor for all the different emotions I went through to get to where I wanna be in life. I really wanted to convey that dreams are absolutely achievable but not everything’s gonna go your way and you will definitely be tested along the way. It’s the roller coaster ride that comes with pursuing your passion and I’m hopeful that my journey will inspire others to do exactly that.”

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