Found It!! The Beautiful “Pure Imagination” Remix from the Marriott Commercial

OK listen, ever since I first heard the “Pure Imagination” remix on the Marriott commerical, I’ve been on a mission to find the mp3 so I can listen to it 3827 times a day. I know you’ve heard it, especially if you have Hulu. It’s a euphoric remix to the infamous Willy Wonka song, and it’s way too good to just be sitting on a commercial. Anywho, I googled for days, and unfortunately, there’s no full version available to the public. I did however, find a looped version of the song, which immediately let me know that there are many others that the snippet has touched. So here you go, this is all we have for now, but don’t play cuz if they take too long releasing it, I’ll be contacting the artists directly. The creators of the perfect tune are called Heavy Duty Project. Check it out. Update: we finally found the full song thanks to some people in the comments section. The artists name is Kathleen.

16 thoughts on “Found It!! The Beautiful “Pure Imagination” Remix from the Marriott Commercial

  1. Funny i looked it up because its the worst thing ever and I Wanted to know who made such a god damn annoying version. Thanks! I hate them!

    1. I genuinely hate this song; as do I the horrible Cranberries cover for the Mazda commercials. What the F do these people get off making such an abomination of music.

  2. I think the original artist is Flannel Graph! It sounds like a pumped up version of her Pure Imagination cover. She’s on Spotify!

  3. Love the song and this version. Glad music lovers have a place to connect on what’s important to them. I appreciate you guys taking the time to post this stuff. I’m sure some on this post have listen to the song even more 3,827 times, despite saying they don’t like it.

  4. We definitely liked this version so I looked it up, thanks for finding it!

    (NOTE: Generally speaking this is probably a cover, a remix is when someone takes an existing song and modifies it [adds a beat, or sounds or changes the speed etc…], so if this is not the original version that’s been modified, but instead it’s someone else singing the song as a new recording, that’s a cover… )

  5. Thank you! My wife and I recently flew from Phoenix to London on American Airlines. The plane had free movies/tv series at each seat. In between movies and shows that Marriot ad played. 15 hours over 17 hours back (no joke, 2.5 hour additional hours, literally aborted take off because of a “security issue” and return to the gate) Anyway, I too was moved by that song! It sounded just like Halsey and I thought that the commercial was cute.

  6. Wow! Thank you. I downloaded the one from Flannel Graph that Kat spoke of. You guys are awesome. And I believe that is Flannel Graph singing that Marriot commercial

  7. I had looked for this several times when I first saw the commercials but was unable to locate it. Today, a friend made a Facebook post with a different cover of the song, prompting me to look again and I found this. Thank you!

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