February 23, 2024

Post: Things You Can Do Right Now To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Every single parent wants to do everything to ensure that their children are as healthy as possible, but it’s not always easy. You can put all of the measures in place to ensure that your children eat well, move more and are mentally healthy, too, but when it comes to them starting school, you’ll find that there is more of an issue with their health than ever before. Children go to school and they pick up every single bug going – no matter how many vitamins you stuff into them!

School is the one place that is filled with other germy kids, and they are very good at sharing when it comes to germs, too. While it’s nice that your kids are able to share, the last thing that you want to do is drag them to the doctors every other week for the newest RSV bug swinging around. You need to ensure that, as a parent, you have the best pediatricians on speed dial to ensure that your children are looked after when they’re unwell. This will be one of the best things that you can give your kids for their health to be in the best possible shape, and with time spent in classes and less time spent at home, you need to be on top of your children’s health. So with that in mind, here are some of the things that you need right now to ensure that your kids are healthy.

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  • Vaccinate. It’s our responsibility as parents to have a pediatrician that will support your choices, but it’s more important to remain informed and choose the best for your child. Vaccines on the schedule are the best way to ensure that you prevent the spread of disease, and while there are the vulnerable that rely on herd immunity, it’s not the case for everyone. You should speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about vaccinations, but you should schedule immunizations as they need them. Everyone in your family should follow suit, and you can keep the kids healthy by not exposing them to those who haven’t had theirs.
  • Hygiene. It’s important that you teach the kids about personal hygiene as young as possible. Hand washing after the bathroom and before meals is so important and it should be integrated in your daily routines from a very young age. Children are always getting their hands into things that they shouldn’t be, and if you can ensure that yours are at least washing them through the day, you can minimize the spread of germs, boogers and even worms! To encourage good hand hygiene, make it a game. Children love to play games and it’s far easier to do that than to miss out and hope for the best.
  • Boost. Is your child eating a balanced diet? Those with picky eaters know how difficult it is to ensure that the kids are getting a good balance of all vitamins and minerals, but it’s not impossible when you boost their intake with vitamin gummies or drops. You can even make fun colored smoothies in the morning and pack them with delicious fruits and veggies. Do this one secretly, though! There are plenty of ways you can add fruit and veggies to their food, too, especially in sauces and yoghurts. If you boost their immune system, you will help them to prevent getting germs and more bacteria.
  • Tissues. It’s so important to teach your children healthy habits, and one of the best ways to do that is to give them tissues! Yes, really! A pack of tissues in their bookbag and a pack of handy wipes in their lunch box at school will help them to remember to clean up before they eat, and catch their sneezes when they have them. It’s so important that you continue to refresh these healthy habits, too, because without these refreshers you’re going to struggle to keep on top of their hygiene when you’re not there. You can also teach your children to avoid touching their faces and mouths while at school, which will prevent them picking up any germs.
  • Communication. Teaching your kids to talk about their emotions is vital for their mental health. If you don’t talk to your children about their emotions, they’re going to face a lot of stress on their own – something you absolutely want to avoid. Watching out for signs of anxiety in children is one of the most important ways that you can ensure their health.

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