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Fall in Love with the Beautiful Madness of Flvco’s Strawberry Blonde

“There is no great genius without a touch of madness.” Roman philosopher Seneca attributed that idea to Aristotle. For Flvco, genius and madness dwell together in harmony. “Dare to be insane,” laughed Flvco.

Flvco became acquainted with the relationship between genius and madness in his youth. As a punishment, his mother would make him copy lines of poetry. Flvco recalled how his mother’s love of poetry led him to the macabre work of Edgar Allan Poe. “I like to think Poe does a lot because he is just so unapologetically emotional,” Flvco explained. “I felt like he didn’t care about looking vulnerable. Even if it takes me too long to write a song, I want to do the same.”

Flvco doesn’t care about looking vulnerable. He credited madness as fuel for his creativity. “The only time I ever felt real was when I was listening to something I recorded,” Flvco explained. “Even writing it doesn’t feel that way. When you dissociate, you don’t feel inside your own body. When you write about your feelings, it brings you to a certain place. When it’s a finished product, it really makes me more unstable. But it makes me more comfortable with being unstable.”

Flvco’s latest album Strawberry Blonde finds a protagonist driven to insanity through love. Album opener “Alewife” finds the protagonist smitten with an attractive bartender. “He meets this girl and she works in the service industry,” said Flvco. “They try to hit it off. She’s busy doing her thing, he’s busy doing his.” For the listener, Strawberry Blonde offers gentle tracks that slowly unveil the melancholy nature of Flvco’s narrative. “When I was writing, I wanted to step out for once and just be me,” said Flvco. “It just kinda was a revelation that happened while I was writing. I didn’t even know where I was going with it until I was done. All the anxiety and feelings; it transformed me.”

Strawberry Blonde culminates with the doomed protagonist embracing violence. The final track, “‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore,” builds to a cinematic crescendo. But fans should not expect the narrative to end here. Flvco plans to continue the Strawberry Blonde story arc with a future release. “I think I’m going to continue that storyline with a few more songs,” he said. “I like to create worlds in my body of art. My next project is called The Teal Tapes. I think I’m gonna save it for June. The tempo is much higher and things are a little bit more exciting.”

Flvco’s raw emotional vulnerability will stick with listeners. His writing expresses what you feel as though he was writing the story of your life. “I always like to refer to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Listening to that, I can look back at that time of my life and remember exactly what was going on and how it felt. I want to be that kind of artist. Take me on a road trip and I’ll share that summer with you.”

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“Strawberry Blond”

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