Mitch Gambino – Can’t Stand Me

Catchy swag pairs with aggressive lyrics on new single from Mitch Gambino

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Bouncy swag meets in-your-face lyrics on the latest hit single from Midwest artist Mitch Gambino. “Can’t Stand Me” is a catchy Hip Hop groove with a splash of R&B flare that will definitely make listeners bop their heads. But it’s the lyrics that really drive home the power of this fast-rising young artist. Gambino pulls no punches as he goes all-in with what he’s going through at this point – railing against the haters in his life and throwing out challenge after challenge to anyone who says he can’t make it big in today’s music industry.

“The world can’t stand me,” he said. “The hate is real. That’s what this song is about. It’s pretty aggressive, but it has a chill vibe, too. When I heard the beat, I just came out spitting all bars. I bring the streets with a different type of swag. I tell my own story and I just feel like I have a unique type of vibe. I can bring different types of vibes across all my music because I can do any type of beat. You throw me on a beat and I’m gonna go off on it.”

It’s not just his amazing flow that leaves listeners in awe, either. Gambino boasts some great vocals which he puts on full display on “Can’t Stand Me.” Cleverly incorporating some auto-tune effects, Gambino flows effortlessly between rapping and singing which is where the subtlest hint of R&B seeps into his sound. He said that style will continue to be showcased on more singles that he has planned for this year, including “Wit Gang,” “My Wave” and “Time Change,” all of which will be released wide in the next couple of months. Eventually, he said he’ll drop a full album but he’s currently focusing on perfecting these singles and shooting full-production videos for them.

“I want people to know I’m a real person with no funny or fake vibes,” he said. “Everything I create is true and genuine. I’m not in it just to make a buck. Everything I’m saying is coming from me. I’m rapping about what I’ve been through and my experiences and through that, I’m relating to other people who have been through similar things.”

Gambino said a bit part of his success to date comes from the great team with which he’s surrounded himself – especially Benny Blanco who is a fellow artist on the Money Ave Label. The two have done some songs together, and Blanco has even been featured on a song with notorious rapper Don Tripp.


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“Can’t Stand Me”

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