Post: 4 Tips for a Safe Girls Night Out

There’s nothing quite like a fun night with your best friends. Turn your night out into a night to remember with these tips for a safe girls’ night out.

With vaccine distribution underway and businesses gradually reopening, many people are excited to reunite with friends and have some fun. What better way is there to celebrate than hitting up bars, going to concerts, and spending time with your best friends? After months of stress and social distancing, a girls’ night out is just what the doctor ordered. The key to a good time is to practice a little bit of responsibility. When it’s time to gather with friends again, keep these tips for safe girls’ night out in mind.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Packing your purse full of useful supplies is an excellent idea, but you need to make sure those belongings stay secure throughout the night. Double-check that your wallet, keys, phone, and other valuables are safely in your bag or an inside pocket. If you have concert tickets or other items that you’llneed throughout the night, keep them in a place that’s both safe and easy to access. In addition to keeping an eye on your own belongings, watch out for each other’s bags throughout the night.

Eat and Stay Hydrated

If a fun restaurant or other food stop isn’t on your evening itinerary, make sure everyone eats before the night begins. A proper meal helps keep your energy up so that you can have fun throughout the night. Water is also essential, especially if you plan on drinking. Eating and staying hydrated will help you drink responsibly and avoid hangovers the next morning.

Find Transportation You Trust

When you’re out having fun with your friends, you don’t want to worry about how you’re going to get home. Always plan your transportation before the night begins. This tip for how to plan a safe girls’ night is particularly important if you’re in an unfamiliar area. If you’re relying on public transportation, know which routes you need to take or download a rideshare app ahead of time. If you’re taking your own vehicle, choose a designated driver. The consequences of drinking and drivingare severe, but you can avoid them by simply having one person stay sober throughout the night.

Stick Together

This piece of advice shouldn’t be hard—after all, the whole point of a girls’ night is to have fun with your friends. Stick together and look out for each other throughout the night. If you split up, practice the buddy system so that no one ever gets stranded on their own. Watch out for each other, keep yourselves on track, and enjoy an unforgettable night with some of your favorite people in the world.

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