Post: Key Pieces To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

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This Summer fashion certainly seems to be opting for the more basic look all while still having an element of glam style in there too. With the minimalism and capsule wardrobes that are very popular at the moment alongside other key trends for 2021, the basic key pieces that are versatile and able to be incorporated into lots of different outfits are very popular and what people are after. It is certainly quality over quantity now. There are a few key things you can add to your Summer wardrobe that can be used in lots of different ways and can keep your style on point. 

The Old School Skort

We have all seen that particular TikTok, right? The young girl ‘discovering’ a skirt which secretly is shorts. Millennials were outraged! The ever-popular skort for girls is making a comeback. This is a timeless piece as it is a great thing to feel comfortable about putting your children into so they can look cute but still play and mess about as kids do. You don’t have to worry about any panties being flashed while they do handstands or climb up trees. A denim-look style one is a piece that will be able to go with so many outfits and will be a great key piece to add to your wardrobe this summer. 

The Denim Shirt

Ah, the classic, a timeless piece and able to go with so many different looks and styles. What started off as a lot of girls stealing their other halves denim shirts, is now a key piece in the women’s fashion range. If you can find a good quality and vintage-inspired look shirt from the buzz rickson collection you will be ready for the summer evenings where there is a bit of a chill. A denim look shirt is perfect for putting on over a dress, tying at the waist, or simply wearing done up and paired with a skirt for a more preppy look. 

The Shoulders Are Out

Women are taking over the self-employment world at the moment, throughout lockdown so many people have started setting up their own businesses embracing the ‘that girl’ vibe where they are the best version of themselves. Strong, independent, and still full of style is the key look. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are making a big comeback, which is a lot better than the padded shoulder style that we embraced so long ago to make a power move. Instead, all you need to do is pop on a dress or top which shows off your shoulders and neckline and stand tall and proud, you will ooze confidence and style all in one go. 

These three key pieces are a great addition to any wardrobe but are perfect to incorporate this summer. Be sure to grab them and pair them with any other key pieces you have in your wardrobe which are just waiting to be worn out, partying, eating out, and generally enjoying life getting back to normal.

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