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Marquel is fearless with debut release Love, Rage & Enlightenment  

WASHINGTON D.C. – A young artist who is learning how to love himself, Marquel is as fearless as they come. This musician is telling his own stories and sharing all of his pain and emotions with the world in a gorgeously authentic light. His debut album Love, Rage & Enlightenment is his own journey into finding who he is, and it is simply amazing.  

Marquel’s journey through finding himself as a musician has been one many many trials. After dropping out of college for the chance to work with a big-name producer, he was hit with a stroke of bad luck rolled over, straight into the COVID-19 pandemic. “I had left school in Philly to move out to LA, but after getting there, he stopped responding to my messages as much, got busy with his own life. When the pandemic hit, my job with the radio station, 96.3 FM, fell apart and things really just weren’t looking good.” It was after really being able to look into himself and understand how he felt that Marquel was able to begin making the music that has since become Love, Rage & Enlightenment.  

“I took the time over the pandemic, and I just really learned about who I was and what I wanted my message to be. A lot of people felt alone, and I realized that I did too. I felt that I needed to prove something to myself, and I realized that what I needed to do was recognize who I was and love myself.” Once Marquel was able to find himself through this, things seemed to just start falling into place. He began connecting with people across the world to put together different parts of the album and truly seemed to find his place in the music industry. “I really started tapping into that community and things just started falling into place.” 

Being able to put the album together in about a month’s time, Marquel was excited to actually get his message out to the people who wanted to hear what he had to say. “When I started Love, Rage & Enlightenment, I thought it was going to be my journey of love and hate, and how I overcame all that but what I found throughout the whole process was that this album was about loving myself and loving the people who are around me, and taking care of us, and the rage was about me being angry with myself for doubting myself for so long, and for needing other people’s validation for so long, and the enlightenment was recognizing that all I needed were the gifts that God had already given me. All I needed to focus on was giving.” The album is truly an honest representation of Marquel’s journey and the emotions he went through while creating the project. 

Love, Rage & Enlightenment is the kind of album that flows together. Built to be the kind of album that allows you to put your headphones in and really focus on the tracks, everything flows together. The themes fit into each other, and everything seems to make sense when you’re listening to this album.  

While this project helped Marquel to find himself, he hopes that his music will help others as well. Much of his goal is to ensure people know that no matter what is going on, they are not alone. “If you feel alone and that you don’t fit into the world, know that there are so many people who are different and within them, we’re not alone. I want people to feel okay with feeling different.” 

Be sure to check out the album and keep an eye out for the series of music videos and D.C./Philly performances that are soon to follow. Marquel is sure to also be releasing several more exciting tracks and projects as he moves forward in his career, so don’t forget to keep up with him as well. 

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