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Do you find ever find yourself eating well, doing regular exercise, meditation, drinking water but still feel as though something is missing? 

It is easy to get caught up in the material and physical aspects of the world and focus purely upon that. But when you think about it, there is more to you than just your body’s physical health. 

Your body is the outer shell that holds your spirit. 

So what are you doing to keep your spirit healthy? You may not know. Throughout your life, you will of been taught how to remain physically healthy but yet not how to nurture your spirit. 

There are many reasons why a focus on spirituality has now decreased and isn’t on everyone’s radar. It is extremely personal and over time spiritual practices have been put to the sidelines as modern medicines have been developed along with how communities and cultures have changed. 

But, there are many ways to bring spiritual awareness and practices into your life and start taking care of that part of your being. 

Self Awareness

Once you start looking into spiritual practices there are many different options available. However, just because there are so many different methods available does not mean that firstly, you have to try them all and secondly that they will be right for you. To improve your spiritual health you need to consider what it is that you truly need. 

Being aware of what surrounds you and what your core feels is the best place to start. If you start seeing what is around more and having an awareness of the signs, such as Heart Beat Angels, you will be able to start making changes that will work for you. 

Build It Into Your Routine

When you are focusing on boosting your spiritual health, like any lifestyle change, it requires regular practice. It requires you to be disciplined and applied regularly. Think of similar to when you exercise, you start off, you don’t see a change to begin with then change comes about and you see and feel like a different person. Working on your spiritual needs is the same. 

You don’t need to do the same meditation, take deep breaths, manifest, or write daily gratitudes daily but it is important that you are taking the time, even 5-10 minutes daily, to devote to your spirituality can be enough. 


One of the most powerful ways to uplift your spiritual side is through giving gratitude. By seeking out things within your life, or that happened within your day, to be grateful for, and writing them down. Allows you to demonstrate the appreciation you have for life and life the spirit. 

Of course, bad things can happen, but practicing gratification allows you to draw your focus and energy away from them and focus upon all the positives instead. When you find yourself focusing on the bad, you are allowing yourself to become part of the problem. By appreciating the good you are allowing yourself to grow. Spirituality is all about growth. 

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