New Music: Abdoul Davincii – “Go Away” @DVinci19

Maryland-based recording artist Abdoul Davinciireleased his amazing track, “Go Away”. The well-produced track is backed by a thumpin’ bass and a lovely trap arrangement that is sure to have everyone from the club to the streets nodding their heads to it. Mix that with Abdoul Davincii’s silky, smooth vocals, and you get an instant classic by the time you press the play button. Singing from a place of heartbreak that almost everyone can relate to, Abdoul Davincii lets you know exactly how he feels. Take the second verse for example: Smoke and mirrors, I should have seen it / My heart is yours, you didn’t mean it / Straight from the jump, made me believe ya / The things that you did, I couldn’t see it”. Lyrics like those are a complete guarantee that Go Away has permanent replay value and will never, ever go away. 

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