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Beyonce Lemonade Review

If you are even remotely in tune with the world, you would know Beyonce released Lemonade on HBO on Saturday night, and briefly, the world STOPPED.

When You Hurt Me…You Hurt Yourself….Don’t Hurt Yourself – Beyonce

How many of y’all were tuned in to the HBO Beyonce Lemonade visual on Saturday? I actually tried NOT to watch it, however I gave in on today (Sunday) after seeing the mixed comments about it. I don’t know who I thought I was fooling. Of course I watched it today via Tidal. After watching the first 15 minutes, It was easy to assume that Beyonce and Jay-Z were having problems, however, we all know Beyonce is a Branding genius as well. I do believe a good bit of this an amazing marketing scheme, but part of me wants to believe there is in fact some truth to these cheating allegations.

So let’s back up a bit, If you haven’t seen or heard any of the songs on Lemonade, Beyonce is raw and uncut in a way that many of us have never seen her before. She alludes to infidelity issues in both her relationship and possibly between her mother and her father. She takes us on her emotional roller coaster of hurt, pain, anger, healing and strength. Beyonce narrates the entire visual making references to God and Love frequently, in an ongoing story of hurt and betrayal. It’s a beautiful story of a woman’s strength to overcome the obstacles of life. She shows a clip from her Grandmother Hattie’s 90th birthday celebration, where she quotes, “I made Lemonade with Lemons,” hence the title.

In this clip Beyonce was clearly angry and smashing windows and fire hydrants while taking a stroll in a neighborhood.

beyonce lemonade, lemonade, beyonce

You will never guess who made a Twerktastic cameo in the song “Sorry.” The fabulous Serena Williams! She displayed her “ASSets” by twerking throughout the length of the song. Yassssss Serena!! Honey, she looked absolutely amazing. But then again, when does Serena not look amazing? Her body is just sickening!!!!

I was so impressed with the overall LOOK of Beyonce. She work so many different styles with her hair, we even saw braids in a Nefertiti style at one point. Her hair was so on point and fabulous. Her makeup was natural in most scenes or she was wearing a super deep, heavily outlined eye and neutral lips. She looked amazing (even while angry and sad). Her Glam squad put in work and the outcome was fantastic!

I was super excited to see Kim Kimble get credit for hair!! Wow! That’s huge and we know Sir John always does her fabulous Makeup.

What are your thoughts on Lemonade? Were you entertained? Do you believe it was a Marketing tactic, or do you believe there is truth to fire behind some of this smoke? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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