February 20, 2024

For the Love of H-Town: 10 Artists to Listen to Out of Houston

If ya’ll know anything about me, then you know I love me some H-Town. Houston is my spirit’s paradise, not only is it a beautiful city, but it’s home to some dope ass artists. Their culture is one of a kind, you can’t get enough of it. If you’re looking to add some new music to your playlist, check some of these artists out.

Side note: I’ll be adding new artists to this list every now and then.

1. EDF
2. Bigg Fatts
3. Hot Peez
4. Tony Del Freshco
5. Onehunnidt
6. Mike Red
7. George Young
8. Sauce a Velli
9. King Hendricks
10. Maxo Kreme

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