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MJ:  Good evening, MJ here with She Bloggin.  Joining me tonight is a man of many hats from Author, Educator, Lecturer to Health Consultant, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist.  Be prepared to absorb the knowledge and enrichment from Minister Enqi! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.  Before we dive right in take it back for us.  Born in Bronx, NY did that environment contribute towards the path of your career?

Minister Enqi:  Yes and no. It definitely made me who I am but my father inspired me towards science and mathematics very early on. I beat the odds because of him, the only thing different between my friends and I was him. The only two things I could do well were fight & read, which wasn’t cool 80’s-90’s.

MJ:  I’m curious how and when you developed an interest and passion for health and overall wellness? Was it a personal mission?

Minister Enqi:  My love of health grew from my love of magic tricks and home experiments honestly.  In my early teen years, I decided that I would really focus in on science as it seemed to be the understanding of true magic. I didn’t delve into health until my daughter got run over by nurse who fell asleep at the wheel.  She heard the screams, jolted her awake at which point instinct told her to jam down on the brake but she mistook it for the gas pedal. With a broken neck, broken spine in two places, a crushed pelvis and entire left leg the doctors said she would never walk again. That accident was August 28th I would later get blessed with Caleb/Chloe on that same day a few years down the line to further etch that date in stone in my mind. At any rate Amber was back in school with her friends that March. A healer was born…

MJ:  Currently you reside in Detroit.  Do you find any similarities and/or difference with how people view a self-commitment to nurture bodies like the temples they are?

Minister Enqi:  Yes and lack thereof. The largest problem is that people have no clue on how their body works at even trained professionals from personal trainers all the way up to MDs & surgeons.

MJ: Throughout the years in your career what would you say is the most controversial and most resourceful topics? Have those topics varied over the years?

Minister Enqi:  Awesome question! First is that I claimed and proved (debate still raging) White Blood Cells are NOT the body’s immune system. The WBCs are at best, the cleanup crew which should have been obvious for at least 3 reasons; they aren’t confined to the circulatory system, they haven’t stopped any illness, bacteria, or virus from infecting…EVER, and lastly, whenever the natural immune system (detoxification) is crippled the inflammation grows into Cancer or the WBCs literally begin to eat some part of your body. The MDs call that an Auto-Immune Disease but it’s actually the WBCs eating some part of your body. The second thing is that the types of Human on Earth have different types of natural diets to match their original habitats which comes of racist or militant depending on who I’m having the conversation with.

MJ:  Everyone wants to know how?  How were you able to reverse Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, and other ailments?

Minister Enqi:  Diabetes is simple, (assuming there is a healthy pancreas) increase the Mitochondrial Density to lighten the High Sugar burden and increase the Glucose Tolerance Factor production in the body via Chromium & Vanadium, the center pieces in my Carbohydrate compound. Cancer is about repairing and restoring the Natural Immune system with my Keme, Momatomix & Cell 2, then building up the Pancreas & Mucus Membrane. High Blood Pressure is about Keme cleaning and Momatomix and getting those missing minerals and enzymes back into the Body.

MJ:  Educate us on the 40 Day Fruit Fast.  Talk about the idea, the development and creation, and talk about the products.

Minister Enqi:  The 40 Day Fruit Fast is based on transitioning from wherever you currently are in your diet into a more natural longevity inducing place. It’s not even about fruit actually it’s the fruit of the earth Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Nuts, Seeds & Herbs. I tailored it to include the most optimal diets for people struggling with Illness as well as a ripped Bodybuilder looking for an edge. The products are designed to optimize whichever stage of the fast you are in.  It’s simple & fun, especially if you do it with friends and/or family. We even created a 10,000 active group for you on Facebook (I prune the group regularly to delete spam). Join the 40 Day Fruit Fast group!

MJ:  Can you share some motivating and successful tips for people on changing unhealthy lifestyles to healthy lifestyles?

Minister Enqi:  Don’t rush be patient with your body and spend money and time investigating how it works before haphazardly going on any fast. There is a tremendous information gap in applied human biology which wastes trillions a year and millions of lives.

MJ:  Let’s keep it going with motivation, will power, and dedication.  How do you personally define each?  Has your definition always been the same or has it changed?

Minister Enqi:  Motivation is your reward for your sacrifice whether that’s beating an illness or a world record. Power is mental focus x fortitude and dedication is simply how far your mind can carry you after your body and/or resources gives out.

MJ:  How do you react to the doubters, or to the people who think this is all a scam or gimmick?

Minister Enqi:  Simple I set them loose to research everything I tell them and let them know I am not a Doctor.

MJ:  What is the secret of remaining focused on yourself and self-care?  Where is the balance between your commitment of helping others and your commitment to self?

Minister Enqi:  That’s tough for me I tend to be a repeat offender and hurt myself trying to “save” the world.

MJ:  Take this time to let everyone know how to connect with you, how to get involved, and how to be part of this growing movement of change.

Minister Enqi:  They can hit me on the Instagram @ministerenqiwsir, Minister EnQi on Facebook, @ministerenqi on Twitter, and

MJ:  Is there anything else you would like the world to know about Minister Enqi?

Minister Enqi:  I love them all.

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