Post: Signs You Need To Take Better Care Of Your Gut


Gut health is something a lot of us don’t think about in our daily lives, and sadly many of us take it for granted until it is too late to remedy. If you want to avoid gastroenteritis and other bowel issues – now is the time to tackle your gut and make sure that you stay healthy. 

These are some of the most common signs that you have some issues with your gut, and that you need to do something about it ASAP. If you have any of the signs below it might be helpful to change up your diet or contact your gp for advice. 

You’re constipated 

One of the first signs that you are suffering from bowel issues is constipation. If you have noticed for a few days or weeks that you are unable to go to the toilet regularly this could be a sign that your gut is unhealthy. Consider taking probiotics and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables to get some much needed fibre into your diet. You’ll soon notice a positive change in your gut health and your stools will be normal. 

Or you’ve got diarrhea 

You could also find the opposite issue as a sign of gut trouble – and often this is due to a fatty diet or it could be down to an infection. It is important to get some over the counter diarrhea medicine to help combat runny stools and you need to try and eat some plain foods to settle your stomach the right way. Banana, toast, and apples should be your go to foods and these will all help to settle your stomach and allow you to feel healthy. 

You feel bloated often 

Bloating is often a sign of gas, which in turn can be a sign of intolerance to certain foods or improper digestion. If after eating certain meals you feel bloated for hours afterwards – this can be a sign of IBS and may need treatment. It is important if you feel this way to track the foods you eat and learn to find the triggers of your reactions. Common foods that cause issues are onions, garlic and legumes. To help your gut it is important to consider a low FODMAP diet which will consist of gentle foods that are easy to digest. 

You get stomach cramps after eating 

If you eat a meal and then get intense stomach cramps afterwards – this is a sure fire sign of seriously bad gut health. It is important when trying to stay healthy that you consider taking medicine for stomach cramps or consult a doctor and get some advice. 

Your weight keeps changing 

If you have noticed a sudden surge in your weight in the last few months this is a common symptom of IBS and other bowel issues. As you eat food, if your body cannot digest it effectively it will start to store sugars as fat and this is why your weight will rise. By taking the time to get help for your gut you may notice you are able to lose weight once more and feel healthy. 

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