Post: The Problem With Content Marketing That People Rarely Talk About

These days, more and more companies are using content marketing to reach a wider audience. It’s engaging, it creates an organic brand presence, and it’s fantastic for larger companies that have a network of creatives to work with them.

Unfortunately, content marketing comes with a huge problem that people seem to gloss over all the time; the fact you need to create content.

This is a lot harder than it sounds and it can really backfire if you’re not careful. In this post, we’ll cover some of the challenges of content marketing and why other solutions could be a better choice for your business.

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Content marketing needs to constantly evolve

Unlike something simple such as PPC advertising, content marketing requires you to constantly come up with new ideas, fresh takes, and unique content. This means writing new blog posts every day, coming up with weekly videos, or hiring a social media manager to be witty on Twitter and Facebook. It can get extremely time-consuming to manage all of these different platforms, hence why it’s often easier to just set up a campaign with Google and let it run its course.

Content marketing can get really expensive

Many people believe that content marketing is a cheap way to get noticed, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that content marketing requires you to hire talented individuals such as writers, film producers, musicians, and so on. The more complicated your marketing strategy is, the more people you’ll need to hire for your content creation. While there are always cheaper options for hiring freelance creators, the end result can be low-quality and may even lower your business’s reputation.

Content marketing requires ideas

This sounds obvious, but yes, you need plenty of ideas if you want to actually make good use of content marketing. The problem here is that many entrepreneurs don’t know what good content is, and they can’t rely on their creators because they don’t know anything about the brand and it can be prohibitively expensive to hire in-house content creators if you’re just a small business. If you don’t have ideas, then you can’t utilise content marketing to its fullest and you’ll be stuck creating subpar content that your audience doesn’t care about.

When it comes to growing your brand, the idea of utilising different marketing strategies can be met with a negative response. This is because people believe that focusing your resources on a single platform or style of marketing can yield better results. There is some truth to this, especially for smaller businesses that have a difficult time managing their resources. So when it comes down to it, content marketing tends to be extremely difficult to maintain because it takes so much time.

The next time you think about growing your brand, try a more traditional approach using strategies like PPC instead of just solely focusing on content marketing. If you want to use content marketing, try a more focused approach instead of trying to appeal to multiple different audiences.

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