November 27, 2022

Post: Marketing: Hands-On Or Hands-Off Approach?

If your business is struggling, there might not be anything you are physically doing wrong. It could be down purely just to your approach to marketing. It’s an incredibly complex industry and one of the fastest-paced at that. Building a network, a platform and an effective lead-to-customer system, takes time and persistence. Learning to approach your marketing from different angles and styles, is a great way to face your fears and play to your strengths. But, which is better: hands-on or hands-off? This is of course the battle between in-house and outsourcing.

Off-page linking

Off-page linking has become one of the best ways for a small brand to become noticed worldwide. Websites with authority, linking to your website pages, are a brilliant way to increase consumer trust by greater brand awareness. This however means you need to produce SEO content that is reliable and trustworthy. Working with media outlets to give them stories, interviews and insider knowledge about the industry, is how you can build a bridge between you and the mainstream media news. Off-page linking also carries with it, a responsibility to keep up with the news. On social media, you should be sharing related news articles to your article, commenting on various stories related to your story and drawing more consumers to the topic.

A greater design

Sometimes, marketing issues start at home. Maybe it’s not about your marketing campaign, but your website design. Once customers land on a page, if they cannot find what they are looking for, can’t find the keywords in product descriptions, etc, it will cause the bounce rate to increase. Build your website design by working with and focus on the latest trends in images, colors, layouts, formats, designs, animations, videos, titles, content, etc. This is all about communicating with customers non-verbally, allowing them to find their way around the website without much fuss. Make sure you allow blog comments, and respond to them! It makes people feel special. Always have simple contact forms and the sign-up process as simple as possible! 


Sharing everything

Your website and marketing approach have to go hand in hand, and one way to do that is to have the ability to share everything. Even if a customer is not going to buy a product, allow them to share the product page on social media. Maybe they want to ‘@’ someone in a post, telling them that ‘this (your) product would be great for your son’s birthday’ etc. Allow the post to share the price, category examples and the image is nice and clear as to fit various social media platforms and their image compression standards. Possibly removing like buttons instead of only sharing buttons could help to subconsciously share your product pages and social media posts.

It seems like an early hands-on approach and a late-stage hands-off approach to marketing are the best combination. Start with a great website, off-page linking and making it easier to share items on your website and on social media. 

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