December 6, 2023

Post: How To Turn Your Home Into A Spiritual Haven And Create A Feel-Good Space

How To Turn Your Home Into A Spiritual Haven And Feel-Good Space

They say home is where the heart is, and it is also the place you go to relieve stress and find tranquility. If you’re a spiritual-minded person, you’ll want your home to be a place where you can uplift and grow your spirit. So, are you on a journey to find inner peace? Do you want to create a place where you can leave your stress at the door? Then, here are a few ways to turn your home into a  spiritual haven.

  1. Tidy up and declutter

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There is something divine about keeping a clean and decluttered space. Just as living in a cluttered and messy physical space can lead to disorganized thoughts, living in an unkempt, chaotic, and untidy home can affect your spiritual health negatively. So, get rid of things you don’t need anymore, as well as things that distract you from being peaceful. And always ensure that your home is organized and clean.

  1. Throw in some light

A poorly lit, dark space seems to be a breeding ground of negativity as darkness is linked to gloom and negative energy. A well-lit room always seems to be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally uplifting. You’ve probably seen movies and videos or hunted homes, and they always look gloomy with a dark theme. On the topic of haunted houses, if you believe your home has any unwelcome paranormal phenomenon, investing in good ghost hunting equipment wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

However, take the time to let light flood in. create spacious windows where possible, place bright lamps in various locations, opt for bright or white curtains and walls, etc. 

  1. Add candles and burn incense if your prefer

Aside from open windows and bright lamps, another thing that offers light (albeit not as bright) is a candle. Candles provide soft glows that are perfect for meditation, as they lack the harshness of other light sources. Thankfully, you’ll find candles in different colors as well as scented options. Besides using scented candles to create an air of sweet soothing smells, you can also burn incense instead. The burning of incense offers several benefits to the mind, body, and home. It also freshens up any space and is available in various scents to choose from. 

  1. Decorate with spirituality in mind

No matter your spiritual or religious beliefs, incorporating various aspects of your beliefs in your interior decor can create an ideal haven. You can do this in several ways. For example, if you’re a Christian, you can opt for artwork, scripture quotes, and other decorative pieces that allow you to reflect on scripture. You can also add crystals to your home decor, as they are believed to carry positive and healing energy.

  1. Add some greenery

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Studies have shown that having plants in your home helps boost psychological health while giving you more emotional stability. These two are essential ingredients in building and maintaining solid spiritual health. Some plants also serve as excellent air purifiers, taking in the carbon dioxide you exhale while creating a comfy environment. Some experts also believe that plants produce positive energy in any environment. 

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