February 27, 2024

Post: Putting Your Health Top of Your List of Priorities

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We need to start taking our health more seriously. All too many of us take our health for granted and don’t even think about our bodies until we start experiencing issues with them. Instead, you can take measures to treat your body properly and provide it with the best, staving off long term conditions and illnesses. There are plenty that you can take into consideration, but here are just a few that you should definitely start focussing on sooner rather than later!


If you have any existing injuries or illnesses, you need to make sure that you are working to improve these. The first step on this journey is visiting your doctor or healthcare professional. They will be able to diagnose any symptoms you have and ensure that you are directed to the right course of treatment. Once you know what is recommended, you need to make sure that you stick to your doctor’s orders. This will vary depending on your individual state and situation. You may need rest. You may need time off work. You may need to attend appointments such as therapy, counselling, physio and more. You might find that you need to do specific exercises or stick to a specific diet. Whatever your doctor recommends, make sure to stick to it. If you find that you’re struggling to finance this and the issue was a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you could look into claiming compensation for the accident to cover the costs.


Are you getting your recommended exercise? Ideally, you should be getting 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week or walking 10,000 steps every single day. This can take different forms depending on what you enjoy and what you want to achieve. There are countless forms of exercise out there, so do some research and choose wisely. From team sports to gym sessions, personal training, cycling, jogging, running, hiking, climbing, dancing, fitness classes and more, there’s bound to be something that will tick your boxes. Here are some areas of your health you may want to focus on, regardless of what type of exercise you choose.


You should aim to have good stamina. Put simply, stamina is a combination of strength and energy that allows you to sustain physical or mental effort for long periods of time. People with good stamina can often run for longer, for example, marathons are a feat of great stamina. When you improve your stamina, you will experience less discomfort or stress when facing a challenging activity.


Strength allows you to lift or move heavy objects. Weight training tends to be good for increasing strength. You could use your own body weight if you are working to a tight budget or want a more natural and gentle approach to weight training. You could use free weights. You could use machine weights. No one option is necessarily better than the other, but free weights and machine weights do tend to build in size to help you lift heavier and heavier amounts.


Flexibility is important for your wellbeing. That’s not to say that you have to be able to do the splits in order to reach good health. But you should be relatively flexible. It is good for your general mobility, your posture, your muscle coordination and can erven reducee the risk of injuries and muscle soreness. Stretching tends to be good for increasing flexibility, but do so carefully. You don’t want to push yourself too far – especially if your body isn’t used to it. If you struggle with stretching and working out in general because you struggle with plantar fasciitis, then make an appointment with the Plantar People.


Of course, how you fuel your body is important too. You should be doing what you can to improve and work on your diet wherever possible. This entails a lot of areas of research and focus. You should make sure that you’re eating your recommended calorie count on a daily basis. Going a little over or under here and there won’t do harm as long as most days you are getting roughly the right amount. You should try your best to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. You need to stay hydrated, which usually requires around two litres of water a day. You should make sure to eat the food groups in moderation. Meal planning and meal prepping can really help with this.

These are just a few different areas you may want to focus on when it comes to reorganising your life and following a more health friendly way of living.

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