September 30, 2022

6 Things Needed For a Successful Marketing Campaign

I hear a lot of people say they are going to, or need to put together a marketing campaign. When the campaign is actually executed, most of the time, the audience doesn’t even know you’re doing anything. Wonder why your campaign didn’t produce the results you were looking for? Probably because of poor planning, or not knowing what elements are needed to execute a successful campaign. No need to be embarrassed, we’ve all done it. The excitement of giving your art to the world made you forget to be more organized to do it justice. Here are six elements to include in your next campaign to ensure positive results.

  1. Target audience – this is definitely the most important step, which is why it’s first. 💡 Your entire campaign has to be built around your target audience. If you’re targeting the Gen Z audience, but put ads in a newspaper, clearly you’re working backwards. Before you start planning , the target audience must be established. It tells you where to advertise, what types of graphics to use, etc.
  2. Selling Your Value – to get the attention of the audience you’re targeting, you have to convince them to invest time and/or money into what you’re offering. Take time to give more insight into what you do that is different from the next. Simply, show your target audience why what you offer is valuable to them. 
  3. Organizing the Campaign – this really should’ve been #2, but either way, it’s important to know that you should not release any part of your campaign until it’s fully organized, step by step. Day by day, phase by phase, everything needs to be properly placed where it should be. Graphics, visuals, social media advertising, write-ups, press releases, etc., make sure everything is lined up and ready to go before you launch.
  4. Your Offer – this is obviously the focal point of the campaign. What are you offering? Whether it’s a clothing line, a single or video release, or a car dealership, be specific about what you’re offering your audience. All of the other elements of a campaign must be created to make your offer stand out. 
  5. Execution – now that you have your target audience, organization, and how you’re going to sell your offer down, it’s time to execute. Know when and where your campaign will be advertised, and most importantly, be confident in what you’re presenting. 
  6. Follow Up – After executing the campaign, it’s important to follow up with those you’re targeting. Don’t put everything out in two weeks, then in the third and fourth week go silent. Getting attention is about consistency. Consistently builds rapport, which will then bring trust from the audience and a steady support base. 

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