Lifestyle: Which Weight Loss Method Works For You

Diets are hugely popular in today’s society, and boy there are a lot of them! In fact, there are so many that choosing the most effective one for you can be a real nightmare. The good news is that you can find out about some of the most simple and effective methods below. Keep reading to discover the one that is right for you. 

Use a smaller plate

One of the most simple, no-diet ways to lose weight is to swap your normal plate for a smaller one. Now, you are probably wondering whether something so easy can be effective? Well, yes it truly can, because in the simplest terms weight loss is about taking in fewer calories than you are burning. Indeed by using a smaller plate you will be instantly reducing your portion sizes and so the number of calories you take in, which as long as you don’t sneak in tweets should lead to success. 

You can even buy special plates that have portion sizes painted onto them so you can make sure you are getting the right amounts of vegetables, carbs and protein at each meal. 

Fasting with food 

Another method of losing weight that is very effective is fasting. Fasting is when you choose a certain amount of time when you will eat and then abstain from food for the rest of the day. There are several important advantages to fasting, as well as weight loss including boosting the immune systems, and the metabolism. 

Of course, fasting can be a challenge for many as we are used to eating throughout the day. The good news is you can actually get the benefits of a fasting diet without having to give up food for long periods. This method is what is known as fasting with food, and experts like KB Wellness specialising in it. They even offer help and support for folks that want all the benefits of fasting, while still being able to eat. 

Move more 

We have already talked about the basic weight loss equation which is using more calories than you take in. Now, most people think this means they need to reduce the number of calories they eat in a day, but there is another option. 

Yes, that is right you can up the number of calories that you burn each day to create the deficit. The good news is many high-intensity types of exercise are suitable for this including running, swimming, and HIIT. 

However, it is worth noting two important things. The first is that you will need to slowly build up to high-intensity workouts, as the strain they place on your body may be too much if you are not already physically fit. 

Additionally, while upping your calorie expenditure is a good way to boost weight loss it is usually not used as the sole method. After all, it can be very tough to outrun a bad diet. What that means is a combination of calorie intake reduction and an increase of calorie burn is the best approach here. 

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