Post: 7 Ways To Take Your Health And Fitness More Seriously

Whether you’re 18, 30, or approaching 50, you may wake up one day and realize that you haven’t taken good enough care of your body and mind. You may have had a few brief spurts here and there. There was that week where you went running each day, or you signed up for the gym in the New Year only to abandon everything by Valentine’s Day. 

And none of these short bursts have stuck, but you know that you need to start taking better care of yourself. However, you can’t approach this with the same causal attitude. Instead, you need to take health and fitness more seriously, so how is that going to happen? 

Start Small 

It can take some time to get back into shape and reach the same conditioning you have enjoyed previously. This is a mistake many people make, as they think they are still strong enough or fast enough to tackle the same weight or distance. However, since you have had so much time away, you need to start from scratch. Taking it easy and starting small helps you learn your limits, prevent injuries, and build your fitness levels safely.

Fix Your Diet 

They say that you can never out work a bad diet, so fixing what you eat can help you experience lasting results much faster. You need to find a diet that suits your goal, so those trying to build muscle should opt for a bodybuilding meal plan, whereas runners or anyone trying to cut weight should look elsewhere. Be aware that a new diet can take some getting used to, so don’t worry about the occasional slip. 

Accept Days Off 

As you get back into fitness, your body will need to adapt to the increased activity and strain. There could be some days when your muscles ache or you feel exhausted. This is natural, especially if you overexert yourself, so take a day off if needed to give your body a better chance of recovery. 

But Don’t Fall Into The Excuses Trap 

However, a day off (not including rest days) once in a while is fine, but novice fitness fanatics quickly find excuses for anything. You shouldn’t take days off because you had a bad day at work or because it’s raining outside. Forcing yourself to go to the gym or to work out at home will always feel worth it, so push yourself even on those days when you are not feeling it. 

Get Professional Advice 

If you’ve never done anything active before, at least not seriously, then you may not have any idea where to begin. This can increase the injury and also mean your workout is ineffective as you aren’t using the appropriate form or technique to maximize your sets. You can overcome this by speaking to experts like The Performance Lab Canada athletes performance therapy service. This can provide all the vital information you need, discover areas for improvement, and give you the empowerment you require to ensure success and see results. 

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon 

Many first-timers expect bulging muscles or a skinny waist after just a few weeks of going to the gym and it’s disappointing when they don’t see these results. Experiencing this problem can make you wonder if your fitness journey is even worth it since you’re spending money on gym memberships for what you perceive to be nothing. However, every exercise helps, so it’s worth keeping at it because one day you will see results. If you still aren’t satisfied, you can look at your approach to see if you’re doing anything wrong. 

Stop Following Trends

It’s tempting to follow trends because you’ve seen so many people get exciting results from these activities. But these trends are not always beneficial for you, and you may not enjoy them, meaning you won’t get the results. This happens with many activities since some people hate going to the gym while others hate running. You need to find an activity that you love and stick with it. This could mean you discover a less popular sport or activity, but if it helps you cut weight, improve your conditioning, or meet your fitness goals in other ways, it’s 100% worth it.


There have been many times when you have told yourself I(and others) that you are taking your health and fitness more seriously. These didn’t stick, but that doesn’t mean your ambitions will never stick. If you want to take your health and fitness more seriously, consider a different approach and use these tips to help you achieve your goals. 

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